Green Development is a private company that has registered a CDM Program of Activity (CDM PoA). Projects under this program will be implemented through local partner that will share the income from the carbon credits that is generated.

Through this program the company is able to generate carbon credits. The income from these carbon credits will be used to fund project implementers.

Project implementers should focus in implementing projects, not spending time and resources on process to generate and sell carbon credits.

By joining our program, project implementers can earn income from carbon credits without having to deal with the complicated, costly and time-consuming process of making their own carbon credit project. Joining our program is 100% free, as project implementation partners pay no fees related to the carbon credit program.

Project that provides one or several of the solutions below, in any of the countries included in our program, can be part of our program.

  • Water purification (drinking water only).
  • Biogas Stoves
  • Ethanol stoves

The program is equipment neutral and the project implementer can choose any equipment or supplier they would like for the projects that they will implement.

Initial Ethanol stove projects

Green Development will initially focus on implementing projects to use ethanol as a cooking fuel. Such projects will primarily be implemented through our sister company Safi International which has implemented a new and super efficient ethanol stove and will implement projects in a few key markets in order for the use of ethanol stoves can reach critical mass and be adapted by local companies for further expansion throughout the countries included in our program.

The initial countries where such projects will be implemented by Safi and Green Development will be in Madagascar, Mozambique, Kenya and Malawi.

Madagascar Mozambique Uganda
Ethiopia Nigeria Somalia
Ghana Kenya Zambia
Malawi Chad Ivory Coast
Sierra Leone Namibia Dominican Republic
Zimbabwe South Africa Rwanda
Tanzania(may be) Liberia

In each of these countries we have, or will have, a representative that will promote the program and assist all the local project implementation partners.

Green Development expects to include 1 million households into our program by 2018. By that time the program would then achieve the following:-

  • 100 000 hectare in annual reduction in deforestation.
  • 5 million ton in annual reduction in CO2 emission.
  • 150 000 Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALY) annually.
  • $300 million in annual Net economic value to households and society.
  • 50 000 new permanent jobs.
  • 657 million hours of time saved from cooking and cleaning annually.

To achieve these goals we need to find a partner that:-

  • Will buy carbon credits from the program at prices that reflect the development value of the program.
  • Project implementation partners that can implement projects.

Standard contract with project implementers

End user agreement

App for registering end users

Program was registered by UNFCCC in November 2012. A total of 20 countries are to be included in the program, which makes it the greatest and the largest CDM Program in the world.

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